Crosby: Talent, Not Politics, Behind Nugent’s Rock Hall Snub – Video Report

Whether you love him or hate ’em Nugent kinda walked right into that one. The Motor City Madman told New York, radio station, “Jann Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone and the Boss Hog at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he hates freedom. He hates the Second Amendment. he hates me because I’m the board of directors, quite proudly … of the National Rifle Association.,” Nugent weighed in. “I’m on the board of directors of the NRA, Jann Wenner hates the Second Amendment, so that’s the only reason I’m not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Crosby countered, “No the a–hole just isn’t good enough.”

There are lots of acts that should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame including Iron Maiden who have sold 90 million records worldwide, Kate Bush who rewrote the book in the late 70’s and early eighties, Tina Turner has sold over 100 million worldwide, There’s also Jethro Tull and Styx and Def Leppard, Doobie Brothers, Toto, King Crimson. Nugent has sold over 30 million records – he is no green maladroit.

Crosby has been inducted twice, for his work with the Byrds and Crosby Stills & Nash. – by John Beaudin

John Beaudin has been in major market radio (Edmonton, Vancouver & Calgary) for 33 years and a music journalist since 1989. He graduated from Broadcasting school as a news man so he would have the skills to write about the artists that inspired him since he bought his first album, “Madman Across The Water” by Elton John as a teen. In the 80’s Beaudin was the host of the syndicated radio show “The Cross Canada Report” which had two version (Rock and A/C). Beaudin was also asked to be a judge at the Juno Awards (Canada’s answer to the Grammys) Twice. He has anchored every position in radio including morning and afternoon drive and was a Program and Music Director for The Breeze and California 103 in Calgary. He currently hosts the popular Lovesongs at QM-FM in Vancouver and on iHeartRadio.

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