Diana Krall Enjoyed Handing Keys Over to David Foster

diana_krall_wallflower_9004Diana Krall has always felt at odds being a jazz singer but not a jazz pianist, “As a jazz pianist, I was born to swing but I’m not a jazz singer,” she told Macleans magazine. “When I worked with Ray Brown, he tried to get me to scat. I told him straight out: “I. Do. Not. Do. That.” I’m not good at it. I just like to sing the melody.”

She has received negative response from some fans for not playing keys on the “Wallflower,” “I have. But David Foster is badass and he plays better than I can. This is his wheelhouse. He made my voice sound darker because he put everything in difficult keys: D, E and A. I’m cursing him now.”.

Krall shared an interesting tale with writer Elio Iannacci about her most humbling lesson learned, “I came from a place that was not entitled. I remember Ray Brown was going to play with Oscar Peterson at the Blue Note and the tickets were $60. I was hoping he’d give me a free ticket. He said, “You can buy a ticket so you can learn what it’s like to work really hard to pay for a ticket . . . just like the rest of the audience.” So I did.”

“Wallflower” entered the U.S. Charts at #10. It’s a collection of pop and rock covers. – by John Beaudin

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