Fleetwood Mac Announce Deluxe Reissue of ‘Tango in the Night’

Like a lot of you my two favorite albums in 1977 were “Hotel California” and “Rumours.” I could never decide which one I liked the best – depended on my mood I guess. Still love both band so much. Fleetwood Mac have just announced a Deluxe edition of their last album with the “Rumours” line-up..”Tango in the Night.” We did a little video story on it. 

Fleetwood Mac Announce Deluxe Reissue of ‘Tango in the Night’

I’m a big fan of these polished off re-releases and the group has done a lot of these. Interestingly this was the last album featuring the ‘Rumours” line-up of Fleetwood Mac with Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Christine and John McVie plus Mick Fleetwood.

“Tango in the Night” had four top 40 hits in North America with “Big Love,””Seven Wonders,””Little Lies,” and “Everywhere.” In some European countries “Family Man” and “Isn’t It Midnight”were also hits giving them six from one album.

Just to give you perspective for this “Tango” it was “Rumours,” of course, that sold the most – it’s certified 20 times Platinum in the U.S. alone. #2 is their “Greatest Hits” going 8 times Platinum, then ‘The Dance” live comeback CD and the self Titled “Fleetwood Mac” project both received 5 times Platinum certification, “Tango in the Night” follows at 3X, then “Mirage” and “Tusk” both 2 times Platinum. That’s in the U.S. alone. An album goes Platinum with one million sales.

The 4disc deluxe-reissue is set for March 10 marking the 30th Anniversary of it’s release. There will be a deluxe edition with a new remaster of the original album, also B-side, outtakes and a few session surprises. It also comes with an LP of remixes and a video. There are also a single and double disc/LP version available.

What I like about these special packages are the early versions of some of the tunes – especially the hits.

As we reported earlier this month a Buckingham/McVie Duo Project Will Replace New Fleetwood Mac Album since Stevie Nicks will not be participating. The new project will include the Mac’s Mick Fleetwood on Drums and John McVie on bass, singer/Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie on Vocals and keys. – by John Beaudin

Disc One: Original Album – 2017 Remaster

1. “Big Love”

2. “Seven Wonders”

3. “Everywhere”

4. “Caroline”

5. “Tango In The Night”

6. “Mystified”

7. “Little Lies”

8. “Family Man”

9. “Welcome To The Room… Sara”

10. “Isn’t It Midnight”

11. “When I See You Again”

12. “You And I, Part II”

Disc Two: B-Sides, Outtakes, Sessions

1. “Down Endless Street”

2. “Special Kind Of Love” (Demo)

3. “Seven Wonders” (Early Version)

4. “Tango In The Night” (Demo)

5. “Mystified” (Alternate Version)

6. “Book Of Miracles” (Instrumental)

7. “Where We Belong” (Demo)

8. “Ricky”

9. “Juliet” (Run-Through)

10. “Isn’t It Midnight” (Alternate Mix)

11. “Ooh My Love” (Demo)

12. “Mystified” (Instrumental Demo)

  1. “You And I, Part I & II” (Full Version)

Disc Three: The 12″ Mixes

1. “Big Love” (Extended Remix)

2. “Big Love” (House On The Hill Dub)

3. “Big Love” (Piano Dub)

4. “Big Love” (Remix/Edit)

5. “Seven Wonders” (Extended Version)

6. “Seven Wonders” (Dub)

7. “Little Lies” (Extended Version)

8. “Little Lies” (Dub)

9. “Family Man” (Extended Vocal Remix)

10. “Family Man” (I’m A Jazz Man Dub)

11. “Family Man” (Extended Guitar Version)

12. “Family Party” (Bonus Beats)

13. “Everywhere” (12″ Version)

  1. “Everywhere” (Dub)

Disc Four: The Videos (DVD)

1. “Big Love”

2. “Seven Wonders”

3. “Little Lies”

4. “Family Man”

5. “Everywhere”

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