Former Rainbow & Deep Purple singer Joe Lynn Turner Slams Ritchie Blackmore #BadReunion

When it comes to Blackmore there’s always as much drama as praise. His life is a lot of things but boring ain’t one of them. He’s been described as a “difficult bugger” by his former band-mate and current Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan. To be fair they have had a colorful relationship back-and-fourth.

Now another singer that’s very well know to both Deep Purple and Blackmore’s other band Rainbow is scratching his head over the guitarist’s decision to reform Rainbow with an “authentic” lineup. Turner told Australia’s Illawarra Mercury newspaper, that he’d been working hard with Blackmore’s management to get people who were actually in the band Rainbow to do a tour but says Blackmore pulled out at the last minute.

Rainbow includes singer Ronnie Romero, Keyboardist Jens Johansson, Blackmore’s Night drummer David Keith, bassist Bob Nouveau (ex-Blackmore’s Night) and backing singers Candice Night(who is Blackmores wife and member of their band Blackmore’s Night and Lady Lynn.

Turner says it was “not so much disappointing as it was shocking.” adding, “Why would anyone of [Blackmore’s] iconic nature want to come out and not be as good as he can be? Because, obviously, the reviews haven’t been that good. And that’s not for me to say — that’s what people are saying. It’s obvious that it’s just not living up to snuff.” Turner seemed to want some semblance of a real Rainbow reunion all together in one place.

Turner was the lead singer with the band from 1980-1984. Blackmore formed Rainbow with their first vocalist Ronnie James Dio in 1975 (Dio died in 2010 at the age of 67), He was replaced by Graham Bonnet then came Turner. After a breakup they re-grouped with singer Doogie White from 94-97. The current line-up with singer Ronnie Romero has been together since 2015…and that just the different singers.

Rainbow first gained success with Bonnet and the tune “Since You Been Gone” in 1979. They really gained steam with Turner however with “I Surrender” (which like “Since You Been Gone” was written by former Argent guitarist and vocalist Russ Ballard) and later “Jealous Lover.” Rainbow highest charting UK Studio album was 1981’s “Difficult to Cure” which peaked at #3 – Turner sang lead on this one. In the US it was a tie between 1982’s “Straight Between the Eyes” with Turner and their first “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow” with Dio from 1975 – both reached #30 on the albums chart.

Turner was also in Deep Purple for a short time replacing Ian Gillan in 1990 for “Slaves and Masters” album. – by John Beaudin

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