Dead Man Propped Up With Eyes Open At Own Funeral: Fernando de Jesus Diaz Beato

dead4_2737182aDead man propped up with eyes open at own funeral

How would you feel sitting next to this guy at a funeral?

Especially since he’s the corpse. Fernando de Jesus Diaz Beato was only 26 when he was shot 15 times out side of his home in the Villa Carolina neighborhood of San Juan on March 3rd.

His family decided to remember him as he lived, wearing his favorite clothes, his legs crossed and a cigarette between his fingers, (even though it kind of looks like a blunt) Is this the most unconventional funeral ever? Well it’s up there and even though no one looks horrified at the wake it’s important to consider how many walked, turned around and walked out or simply did not attend.

A surprise for even the family came from the funeral director who chose to leave his eyes open. Damaris Marin, the owner of Marin Funeral Home, said they worked hard with the family to achieve what you see here. Marin has gotten a reputation for many of these unconventional funerals – he’s done nine before. He said, ‘I think that this time was the most impressive reaction to any of the work we have done.’

Beato’s sister said, ‘We decided to embalm him like this because he was a very happy person, very active and we want to remember him as he was.’

Local police say they have no leads so far on his murder. – By John Beaudin