New York Chess Hustler Gets Taken Down By Grandmaster

Hustler Gets a Dose of His Own Medicine.

What do they say? Talk is cheap? It’s certainly a weapon for a hustler, especially the one in this video. New York is filled with chess hustlers but this take-down via chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley (the younger one) is classic. Watch the hustler slowly shut up as he gets killed in the match.

Chess hustlers are known to hang out in Washington Square Park and Union Square.

Ashley says, “I was schooled by the best hustlers back in the day! This was actually in Washington Square Park where the late great Vinnie Livermore used to beat my ass at that same table! (This is a bonus clip from The Tim Ferriss Experiment TV show. Watch the full series here:”

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley plays trash talker in NYC park with Tim Ferriss